Availability and publishing status

To signal the bookselling trade, but also the customers, the availability of a product, you can provide status information for it. Information on availability may be provided for times before, during or after publication. The bookselling trade in particular needs to be informed whether products are not available yet or not available anymore, in order to be able to remove them temporarily or permanently from their selection of books.

Metabooks offers the following status designations


The availability status is to be specified in ProductAvailability or j396 using values from code list 65.

The information that a product is available is to be specified as follows

ONIX 3.0 Short
ONIX 3.0 Reference

Product archiving

Metabooks archives products according to their availability. The following statements of availability result in the product being archived.

Product Availability or j396 Availability Metabooks status allocation
01 Cancelled deleted
34 Temporarily withdrawn from sale inactive
40 Not available (reason unspecified) inactive
41 Not available, replaced by new product inactive
42 Not available, other format available inactive
43 No longer supplied by us inactive
45 Not sold separately inactive
46 Withdrawn from sale inactive
48 Not available, replaced by POD inactive
49 Recalled inactive
50 Not sold as set inactive
51 Not available, publisher indicates OP inactive
52 Not available, publisher no longer sells product in this market inactive
97 No recent update received inactive
98 No longer receiving updates inactive
99 Contact supplier inactive

Publishing Status

The publishing status is to be specified in PublishingStatus or b394 using values from code list 64.

The publishing status is connected to the publication date. If the publication date is in the past, the product is to be reported as “published”; if the publishing date is in the future, the title is to be reported as “not yet published”. Metabooks does not automatically correct the publishing status.

That a title has been published would be shown as follows.

ONIX 3.0 Short
ONIX 3.0 Reference